Cumin Cooking Ideas

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Cooking Tips
  • Cumin has a distinct but not overpowering flavour. It is used in many cuisines so is a good one to experiment with.
  • Grind & add to tomato based sauces for pasta or to soups.
  • Grind cumin seeds and stir into yoghurt with a squeeze of lemon to make a dip or dressing for roasted vegetables.
  • Add whole seeds to rice or chickpeas.
  • Toasting cumin seeds, brings out delicious nutty, roasted flavours before adding to your dish. To do this, dry fry cumin seeds in a pan on medium heat for 2-3 mins. Be careful not to burn or they will taste bitter.   
    Recipe ideas using cumin
      Cumin Flavour Pairings
      • Spice flavour profile

      Cumin is a savoury spice meaning it is slightly salty. It has an earthy, pine-like flavour with a slight spiciness. It is also often described as having almost a meat like flavour so is a useful spice for maintaining meat like qualities in vegetarian or vegan cooking. It goes really well with with aubergine & root vegetables like potatoes. It is also often used to add flavour to staples like rice and chickpeas. 

      • Spice Pairings

      Cumin is a friend to many other spices. It pairs particularly well with coriander seed (the base of many curry blends), as well any capsicum such as paprika or chilli flakes. 

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