We're on a mission to fix the food chain with flavour

Why does our food supply chain need fixing?

How we farm and what we eat have always been the cornerstone of our society. In recent years however unsustainable farming practices and poor quality diets are putting an increasing strain on our communities. Central to our failing food system is the decreasing amount of diversity; both in our diets (nutritional diversity) and in nature (biodiversity). Diversity is what we should be striving for across all parts of our food & agricultural system. Without this, we lack resilience to respond to the changing natural world.  

How can herbs & spices help? 

Herbs & spices hold a unique role in our food supply chain in that they make any type of food taste better! By harnessing the power of these flavours, we believe we can help home cooks to create tasty food that's both good for you (nutritionally diverse) & good for the environment (biodiverse).
We're serious about fixing the food chain with flavour, and we hope you'll join us on our journey.