About Us

In November 2019, Hill & Vale opened its online doors to supply single origin spices and authentic tasting blends to home and professional chefs. The company is owned and run by Angus and was started with a singular purpose of improving our food supply chain.

During a career in the ingredients and flavours industry, Angus started to realise more and more that not enough was being done to support the sustainable production and consumption of food. With more questions than answers, Angus left his job for a masters in agricultural economics and made the subsequent decision to start a company that would try to fix the food chain with flavour

Following three trips to spice farms in India, Spain & the UK throughout 2019 and inspired by the landscapes and environments where spices are grown, Hill & Vale was born. We are pleased to now be settled into our new commercial premises in Bristol where all of our roasting, grinding and blending of spices takes place.


Angus visiting a spice farm in Cornwall, UK