Sweet Paprika Cooking Ideas

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Cooking Tips
  • Sweet paprika is made by drying and grinding sweet red peppers so it is quite mild and fruity in flavour.
  • It can be used in many different types of cuisine and so is a great spice to experiment with.  
  • Add sweet paprika to stews, soups or tomato based sauces for a richer flavour and deeper red colour. It is also useful for thickening sauces.
  • Try combining with mayonnaise when adding to a sandwich for added flavour.    
  • Mix 1 tsp sweet paprika with 1 tbsp olive oil to make a paste. This can be used as a basic marinade for veggies or meat. Increase quantities in same ratios as needed.

    Recipe ideas using sweet paprika
    Sweet Paprika Flavour Pairings
    • Spice flavour profile

    Sweet paprika is a sweet spice. It has a rich fruity flavour with a slightly sour aftertaste.

    • Food pairings

    Sweet paprika is incredibly versatile giving you the freedom to use it with lots of different ingredients including potatoes, eggs, rice, chickpeas, tomatoes, root vegetables, meat, fish and poultry.

    • Spice Pairings

    Paprika goes well with almost everything and it is because of this that it's the bedrock of many spice blends and rubs. It pairs particularly well with caraway, cumin, garlic, ginger & thyme. But there's also many more combinations to let your creativity loose. 

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