Guajillo Chilli Cooking Ideas

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Cooking Tips
  • Guajillo chillies have a mild heat level and are also sweet & fruity. You can add guajillo chillies to pretty much anything to bring added heat as well as flavour.  
  • Add to your chilli con carne or mix into a salsa for a brighter, fuller flavour.
  • Stir into refried black beans.
  • Sprinkle onto your scrambled eggs with some fresh coriander for Mexican twist.
  • Add to any tomato based sauce for added flavour and mild spice.
  • For aesthetic purposes, guajillo chillies also have value owing to their bright red colour. They contrast nicely with the paler shades of common staples such as rice & pasta or green veg like avocado, courgette & aubergine.   
    Recipe ideas using guajillo chilli
      Guajillo Chilli Flavour Pairings
      • Spice flavour profile

      Guajillo chilli is a hot spice. It is mildly spicy however and offers sweet fruity flavours with a sour tangy aftertaste. Guajillo chilli pairs well with sweet vegetables like tomatoes, peppers and squash. Proteins like eggs, beans and meats go well with the slight sourness of the guajillo chilli.

      • Spice Pairings

      Guajillo is made better by the presence of other chillies like ancho, chipotle and habanero, building a more complex flavour. Other flavour pairings include cumin, black pepper, oregano and garlic.

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