Mexican Salsa (Pico de Gallo)

Pico de gallo is one of the classic Mexcian salsas. It goes great as a dip with tortilla crisps or as a condiment on the side. If you've been lucky enough to visit Mexico you will remember seeing it on almost every restaurant table you sat at!  

Difficulty level: 1/5

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Recipe serves: 2 people as a dip or condiment



One small onion (finely chopped), 1 green chilli (remove seeds and pith then finely chopped), 4 medium-large tomatoes (finely chopped), one handful (15 gr) coriander leaf (finely chopped), juice from 1 lime, pinch of salt (optional)


Finely chop all ingredients above and combine well in a mixing bowl. Squeeze over lime and add a pinch of salt then mix again. 

Serve in a small bowl as a dip or on the side of the plate as a condiment.  


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