Wild Pepper Cooking Tips

Cooking Ideas
  • Wild pepper carries a different flavour to black pepper. It is aromatic, fresh, citrus, tangy & all with a moderate spiciness.
  • Wild pepper can be used either whole or ground.
  • Use whole wild peppercorns with steamed vegetables or try adding to fruit compotes - just remember to remove the peppercorns before serving!
  • Use ground wild pepper to accompany pan fried (sautéed) crunchy vegetables or mushrooms. 
  • If using with meat, grind to a fine powder and season - just as you would do with salt & pepper normally - before roasting or grilling. 
  • Also try using with fish - the fresh citrus flavour of the pepper compliments a squeeze of lemon over grilled or roasted fish before serving. 

Recipe ideas using wild pepper
    Wild Pepper Flavour Pairings
    • Spice flavour profile

    Wild pepper has a mild spiciness to it which is complimented by its aromatic, fruity, tangy & citrus flavours. It also has an almost menthol freshness and which contrasts to the hearty flavours of true black pepper.  

    • Spice Pairings
    Perhaps one the easiest ways to introduce yourself and familiarise with the flavours is to mix a tea spoon with whole black peppercorns before adding to your grinder. In addition the aromatic citrus notes of wild pepper will pair nicely with other citrus juice & peel as well as the warming flavours of ginger or mace.