Vanilla Cooking Ideas

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Cooking Tips
  • To use vanilla, either add whole pod while cooking and allow flavours to diffuse. You can re-use your vanilla pods if you use them whole.
  • Alternatively, cut pod lengthways with a sharp knife and remove seeds from the inside. Then add seeds to dish you are preparing.  
  • Vanilla is increasingly used both for sweet and savoury foods.
  • Add vanilla seeds to roasted vegetables to enhance sweetness.
  • Mix seeds from vanilla pod with sugar before adding to dessert. This works great with many sweet desserts; pancake batters, cream puddings, or cakes mixtures.
  • Add whole vanilla pods to a neutral alcohol like vodka to make vanilla extract.
  • Add whole vanilla pods to rich hearty stews to allow flavours to diffuse while cooking.
Recipe ideas using vanilla
    Vanilla Flavour Pairings
    • Spice flavour profile

    Vanilla is a sweet spice that is made up of an amazing variety of flavour compounds. It is creamy, warming, fruity & slightly woody. 

    • Spice Pairings

    Vanilla works well with other sweet, warming spices like cinnamon & ginger. The woody warming flavours go well with allspice and cacao.