Cooking Ideas
  • Dried thyme is another classic savoury flavour with warming floral notes and a slight citrus tang. 
  • It is used widely in Caribbean cooking so be sure to have on hand when attempting Caribbean curry, Jerk seasoned meat & veggies or a traditional rice & peas. 
  • Foe more general usage & as with rosemary, thyme can be used to season roasted veggies or meats as well as hearty stews & sauces.
  • When roasting veggies simply sprinkle thyme with a splash of olive oil and massage into vegetables of choice. 
  • Thyme works well in other veggie based dishes like mushroom risotto or also try in egg based dishes such as an omelette or frittata. 
  • Tomato based sauces as well as hearty stews or stocks is another good opportunity to sprinkle a little thyme for added flavour.   
Recipe ideas using thyme
    Thyme Flavour Pairings
    • Herb flavour profile

    Thyme is a savoury herb & has grassy smell rich with tannins, it is herbaceous & floral in flavour with citrus notes and a warming bitterness. There are around 350 different varieties of thyme with flavours varying alongside. The most widely cultivated is 'common thyme' which is the variety we source from Italy.  

    • Flavour Pairings

    Thyme is an important ingredient in the classic Middle Eastern blend Za'atar. Thus its safe to say thyme pairs well with sumac, marjoram & sesame. The slightly spicy warming notes of thyme also compliment miled chillies such as ancho or guajillo as well as sweet paprika. Thyme is a key component in Herbes de Provence and it is sometimes also included in Bouquet Garni. It is a key component in Herbes de Provence as well as Bouquet Garni. We use thyme in our Za'atar blend as well as our jerk seasoning.