Shish Cooking Tips

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Cooking Tips

  • The arabic word shish means skewer and although this blend is great for use on the bbq, it can also be used as a base flavour in other Turkish & Middle Eastern food. 
  • If using the shish blend for a marinade, follow instructions on the side of the jar & use marinade on meat or veggies of choice. We recommend marinating for a minimum of 1/2 hour.
  • For veggie alternative to chicken or lamb skewers, try our haloumi, aubergine & sweet pepper recipe below.
  • Alternatively if you are looking to marinate other veggies for the bbq, try using on thickly sliced aubergine or cauliflower as both work well on the grill. 
  • Mix into mashed chickpeas for homemade falafels. 
  • Try adding to stews, soups & casseroles for a boost of middle eastern flavour.
    Recipe ideas using Shish blend

        Shish flavour profile

        • Blend Flavour Profile

        Shish blend combines toasted cumin & coriander seeds with heat from chilli & savouriness of dried parsley.