Cooking Ideas
  • Dried rosemary offers a similar flavour profile to fresh rosemary - it has a robust savoury, herbaceous flavour with oily & acidic notes.
  • Rosemary works well with roasted vegetables - try sprinkling over roast potatoes with a little salt or on mixed vegetables such as carrots & leeks. 
  • Also try on sweet potato fries as an alternative. 
  • The slightly acidic flavour of rosemary compliments citrus flavours such as lemon - try stirring a sprinkling of rosemary with a squeeze of lemon into humous.
  • For the same flavour combination, add rosemary with a squeeze of lemon to grilled salmon.
  • Being native to the Mediterranean region, rosemary also works well in classic European foods. Add a teaspoon to white (béchamel) sauce before pouring over lasagne or to tomato based dishes like Bolognese.
Recipe ideas using rosemary
    Rosemary Flavour Pairings
    • Herb flavour profile

    Rosemary is a savoury herb & has a herbaceous pine like smell with an acidic and slightly bitter, spicy flavour. It belongs to the Lamiaceae family which is commonly known as mint & which also includes sage. Minty freshness is also evident in rosemary and contributes to its robust long lasting flavour.   

    • Flavour Pairings

    Rosemary pairs well with other spicy ingredients such as black pepper, chilli & mustard. As mentioned above its acidic notes also complement citrus flavours. Its robust flavour also means it stands up well with other strong flavours such as celery seeds. It is a key component in Herbes de Provence and it is sometimes also included in Bouquet Garni. We use rosemary in our roasted vegetable blend as well as our balsamic dressing blend.