Piri Piri Cooking Tips

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Cooking Tips

  • Piri piri is the classic flavour to add heat, herb & citrus to your food. 
  • For a marinade, follow the instructions on the side of the jar.
  • Alternatively follow the same instructions but blend with half an onion & a handful of fresh coriander.
  • The classic dish is of course chicken piri piri but this spice blend can compliment many other types of vegetables as well.
  • Heat some oil in the pan and add a few teaspoons of piri piri then fry sliced courgette or mushrooms. 
  • Add to sliced potatoes for piri piri wedges
  • Stir a teaspoon through rice, beans or chickpeas to lift the flavour.
  • Add to soups for a spicy, citrus flavour.
    Recipe ideas using Piri Piri

          Piri piri seasoning flavour profile

          • Spice Flavour Profile

          Piri piri is a spice blend combining the heat of chilli, the sweet of red peppers and the citrus of lemon peel.