Mustard Seed Cooking Tips

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Cooking Tips

  • There are three types of mustard seeds; yellow, brown & black. Yellow are the mildest and black are the spiciest.
  • All mustard seeds become more intense in flavour when ground & mixed with water.
  • Mustard seeds are an important spice in Indian cooking, particularly for vegetarian dishes such as sag aloo, bombay potatoes & brinjal.
  • Mustard seeds are also one of the five ingredients in Panch Phoran, a whole spice mixture used to flavour vegetable dishes and dhals.
  • Try adding whole of ground mustard seeds to give your homemade salad dressing to give a bit of heat and crunch.
  • Whole mustard seeds are an important ingredient when pickling or brining as they add a slight heat & savouriness to the liquid. 

          Recipe ideas using Mustard Seeds

                  Mustard Seed Pairings

                  • Spice Flavour Profile

                  Mustard is a hot spice meaning it brings warmth and spiciness to your food. They are spicy, savoury & a touch bitter.

                  • Spice Pairings

                  Mustard seeds pair really well with cumin & fenugreek, typically for vegetarian cooking. The panch phoran mixes cumin, mustard, fennel, nigella & fenugreek. Mustard also compliments parsley & onion for more savoury European cooking.