Mulled Wine & Cider Preparation Ideas

Mulled Wine & Mulled Cider Preparation Ideas

  • When it comes to the choice of wine for mulling, a medium to full bodied red wine such as a rioja or malbec works really well.. 
  • For cider either a carbonated or still cider can both be used as the bubbles will disappear as you boil the liquid over a period of time. In terms of flavour, a medium sweet / dry cider will work well.     
  • We recommend only adding fruit peel later on into the the mulling process as it can give a bitter after taste if left in for too long.
  • Try adding your fruit slices for the last 5 minutes before serving.
  • If the mulled wine or cider does taste a little bitter then add a tablespoon or two of sugar to soften the bitterness. 
  • Remember that the boiling point for alcohol is around 78 degrees centigrade so it is best to always heat the mulled wine or cider on the lowest temperature setting.
  • With this in mind, it is also worthwhile keeping the pan covered so any alcohol that evaporates will ultimately return to the wine or cider, unless of course you want the drink slightly weaker in alcohol content,  
  • If on the other hand you do want to make mulled wine or cider a little more alcoholic then we recommend adding 50 cl / litre of either rum for mulled cider or brandy / sloe gin for mulled wine. 
  • For non alcoholic versions, cranberry is a great substitute for wine and apple juice for cider.
  • Happy Christmas and hope our mulled sachets bring a warming festive flavour to your drink of choice!