Jerk cooking tips

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Cooking Tips

  • Jerk seasoning is the go to blend for Caribbean cooking.
  • For a marinade, follow the instructions on the side of the jar.
  • Alternatively follow the same instructions but blend with half an onion & a scotch bonnet for a fresher taste. Only use part of the scotch bonnet if you don't like it too spicy.
  • The classic Jamaican dish is of course jerk chicken but try jerk haloumi or jerk seasoned vegetables of the barbecue for a vegetarian alternative.
  • Cauliflower or aubergine are good veggies to try this with.
  • Use jerk seasoning in rice & peas as a classic Caribbean accompaniment.
  • Add to Caribbean curry for authentic flavours.
    Recipe ideas using Jerk seasoning

        Jerk seasoning flavour profile

        • Spice Flavour Profile

        Jerk seasoning is all based around allspice, the warming and slightly sweet berry native to the Caribbean. Added to this we have included some chilli for heat and thyme for herby bitterness.