Cinnamon Cooking Ideas

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Cooking Tips
  • Ceylon cinnamon is used widely in both sweet and savoury foods.
  • It has many uses and the flavour is not too powerful so it is a good spice to experiment with.  
  • It goes well with most fruits especially apples and pears.
  • Add to your porridge in the morning for added sweetness instead of sugar.
  • Cinnamon is great in baked pastries, biscuits and cakes.
  • Drop a pinch of cinnamon into coffee.
  • Can be used to add sweetness to curries.  
    Recipe ideas using cinnamon
      Cinnamon Flavour Pairings
      • Spice flavour profile

      Ceylon cinnamon is a sweet spice. It has a woody slight citrussy, floral flavour. Ceylon cinnamon is not to be confused with cassia cinnamon which is much sweeter and harsher. 

      • Spice Pairings

      Cinnamon pairs well with the spices ginger, cloves, allspice and nutmeg in sweets and desserts. In savoury dishes like curries it's often paired with turmeric and cumin.

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