Chip Seasoning Cooking Tips

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Cooking Tips

  • Simply sprinkle a few teaspoons of seasoning on to your chips with olive oil, mix thoroughly and then put in the oven.   
  • For homemade chips; use 1 large baked, sweet potato or a combination of both. Peel, or leave skin if you prefer, and chop into wedges or chips. For skinny fries, just chop potatoes lengthways into really thin strips. Soak in water for 30 mins to remove starch if you've time as this make chips extra crispy. Put into oven but make sure to take out and shake every 20 mins so chips don't stick to baking tray.
  • As an alternative use for the chip blend, try adding to unseasoned raw mixed nuts before roasting for a delicious party snack. 
  • This seasoning does contain 20% salt so if you are looking for a lower salt alternative, why not try our harissa blend. 
Recipe ideas using chip blend

As there are relatively limited uses for chip seasoning aside from making chips, we've included some recipes below to accompany home-roasted oven chips.

    Chip seasoning flavour profile
    • Spice Flavour Profile
    Chip seasoning combines the sweetness of paprika with the savoury of onion & cumin. No chip seasoning would be complete without the added savouriness of salt.