Balsamic Dressing Cooking Ideas

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Cooking Tips

  • Our Balsamic dressing blend was designed to create a delicious salad dressing with just oil, balsamic vinegar & our dry spice mix.
  • To create a well balanced salad dressing we suggest 1 part vinegar to 3 parts oil.
  • As our balsamic dressing blend contains herbs, we also suggest adding 1 part water to allow the herbs to rehydrate.  
  • Once mixed, it is best to set aside for 10-15 mins minimum to allow the flavours to combine. 
  • The dressing also keeps really well, so feel free to mix up larger quantities and then keep covered in the fridge.
Recipe ideas using Balsamic dressing blend
    Balsamic dressing flavour profile
    • Blend Flavour Profile
    We designed this blend to incorporate the common flavours you might find in a salad dressing recipe including; mustard, garlic & black pepper with other Italian style ingredients like oregano & fennel. The flavours are built to compliment to the addition of vinegar and oil to make a tasty salad dressing.