Allspice Cooking Tips

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Cooking Tips

  • Allspice is a flavour that is worth getting to know a bit better. The fact it is called allspice says a lot about is usefulness in cooking.
  • Like with other warm spices it works in both sweet and savoury dishes. 
  • Use if cooking Jamaican food. It is a key ingredient in jerk seasoning as well as in rice and peas.
  • Grind and stir into sauces or curries with sweet vegetables like sweet potato, beetroot or butternut squash.
  • Also an important ingredient in mixed spice, an all purpose spice blend for baking.
  • During the winter months, allspice is a great addition to any mulled wine or cider preparation.
  • Allspice also features in Mexican & Middle Eastern cuisine. It is an important ingredient in the Baharat blend.
Recipe ideas using allspice (pimento)
    Allspice flavour pairings
    • Spice Flavour Profile
    Allspice is a warming spice meaning it is in between spicy and sweet. It really does have elements in its flavour of many other spices such as: cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, juniper & pepper.
    • Spice Pairings

    Perhaps unsurprisingly allspice pairs well with the flavours to which it shares a similar taste. Other spices it works well with are bay, thyme & cardamom.