All Purpose spice blend collection in glass jars

All Purpose Blend Collection

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Our all purpose blend collection is designed for ease of use when it comes to spices. We hope these flavours can encourage you to explore different cuisines in your cooking without too much fuss. Each of our spice blends is inspired by the cuisine from a different country and has a selection of easy to use recipes or suggestions on the side of the label. 

Our all purpose spice blend collection includes; 

1 x Za'atar blend - Palestinian inspired

1 x Garam Masala blend - Indian inspired 

1 x Chilli powder - Mexican inspired 

1 x All Italian blend - Italian inspired 



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Frances Winslow
Fresh & Aromatic

I chose the ‘All Purpose Blend Collection’ and have been delighted with the outcome of recent meals I have made using them.
The aroma and flavours are amazing, so fresh and vibrant tasting!
I’ve order another selection and can’t wait to taste them.

Edwina Gordon
Real flavour and super aromatic spices

I’ve ordered three selections from this exciting range and can honestly say there’s not a dull herb or spice in the pot. The scent of special spices is just super enticing and makes all the home cooking we are doing in lockdown much more interesting. It’s certainly inspired me to try new recipes. I’ve also found them to be great on line birthday presents for creative cooks.

James Elston
Simply the best

Just as Tina Turner has a song to lift any mood, the All Purpose Blend Collection has a spice to lift any dish. Take your every day meals to the extraordinary with just a swift shake of the wrist. Enjoy